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Nickels and Spud WWWSP AD Complete 1-1.mHeidi Krause
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BurgerBurnt Complete 1Heidi Krause
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IAWL Parody 1Heidi Krause
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IAWL Parody 2Heidi Krause
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Choose for Me CommercialHeidi Krause
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Meet the Characters


The Adventure Begins...

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The Adventures of Nickels and Spud is a futuristic sci-fi, techno fantasy, which follows the exploits of Nickels (an outgoing dinosaur, human hybrid who is the owner and founder of his own salvation/bounty hunter company, his friend and associate, Spud (a friendly and quite intelligible vegetable based alien from a distant galaxy), their sarcastic and often insecure Ship simply named Ship and their new associate, Em—a petite—but more often than not—bigger than life princess from Earth. Together, they travel the cosmos, scouring the planets and moons for hidden treasures and what Nickels calls “Scum”, an umbrella term which means rubbish that can be sold for repurposing and bad guys that have escaped the long arm of intergalactic law. And though they all have their unique skills, without each of them pitching in, they’re just loud, brash and a little above average; but together, they are explosive! Indeed, the universe is big, but these four combined may just dwarf it!

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Having been formally trained in the fine and graphic arts, Heidi Lynn has been drawing since she could hold a crayon. Her young childhood was spent in Philadelphia where she was introduced to a variety of art forms via the East Coast boardwalks early on, which has stuck with her all her life; and though her artistic endeavors were crude in the beginning, she just kept sketching what she saw and what she dreamed up. Among those things that were dreamed up, specifically as a school girl, were the characters, Nickels and Spud. And though many of her early concepts and designs remain a fond memory, these two futuristic, space adventurers always remained close to Heidi's heart. She couldn't be any more thrilled to finally bring them to life through her husband, Kacee Krause and this original podcast/audio drama--the Adventures of Nickels and Spud!

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